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How about a quick buck? Especially when that "buck" is really a move of over 24% ! IN A WEEK !  On a $4.20 stock !

Take a look at OMX from May 3rd and then see how much you could have made less than a week later. All in this month!

Anyone can do this.

Every week we locate stocks in a channeling pattern.

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Our Members saw on May 3, 2012


Research OMX
Support $4.20
Resistance $5.20+


Updated chart from May 10, 2012


Research OMX
Support $4.20
Resistance $5.20+ finds stocks in ALL price ranges. We post a dozen a week for you to choose from.  

For those of you who wish to take some control of your own future - here is an easy to understand strategy that anyone has the ability to use. And it works for every type of investor.

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